Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Right Shoes With The Right Outfit?

There is probably a very long and very pointless conversation to be had about the footwear that differentiates the most popular sports.

You could not take to the basketball court in football cleats, and if you tried playing baseball in tennis shoes you would find it pretty agitating.

So what about golf shoes? Are they in a league of their own?

Some people would say that looking at a golf professional’s outfit makes it hard to really care about the shoes, when the trousers are so awful – but the shoes need to be right too, and they are subtly individualized for their sport.

The shoes worn by golfers have small spikes on the soles, which are not dissimilar to the cleats found on the soles of football shoes.

These are there for reasons of traction, allowing you to get good grip on the ground when you are preparing to hit a shot.

The reason that the spikes are so much smaller than football cleats is because much of the game of golf is spent on the green trying to putt.

If you walked on the green in football shoes, the surface would be destroyed in no time at all.

Cheap golf shoes are easy to find on the Internet if you know where to look.

The best shoes will last for some considerable time, and will stay comfortable even over the five to six miles you can easily walk during a typical game of golf – longer if you keep driving into the rough.

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