Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring break crew back in Bahamas for #SB2K17

UPDATE: April 11, 2:15 PM

As it turns out, #SB2K17 is officially on. The boys are back at Bakers Bay just living the dream and all is right in the world.

Check out the best images from the Bahamas vacation here, or by clicking on the image below.


We got some disturbing news over the weekend that #SB2K17 might not be happening when Smylie Kaufman told Golf Digest“We’ve talked, but I doubt we can get anything on paper. Everybody’s got such busy schedules.”

Golf fans everywhere who were looking forward to the highly-anticipated sequel of the popular #SB2K16, where Kaufman, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler partied for a week in the Bahamas and documented the entire thing on social media, let out a collective tear.

But on Tuesday, we got renewed hope, when Golf Channel analyst Tim Rosaforte reported on Morning Drive that the vacation was still on.

So what happened? Who knows, and we probably won’t know anything for sure until those shirtless golf photos start popping up on Snapchat again, or they don’t.

Just to be safe, take a stroll down memory lane with photos of the inaugural trip to Bakers Bay here, or by clicking on the image below.


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