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This March will see the world’s biggest hitters go head to head in the Long Drive World Series. Eight competitors, each a champion in their own right, have been hand-picked to play and will start their campaigns under the spectacular night lights of Dubai.

World Long Drive champion Joe Miller will be competing in Dubai next month

The 2017 World Series is made up of four events that will take place at venues across three continents. The Jumeirah Golf Estates European Tour Performance Institute in Dubai plays host to the first event on March 17th and the confirmed line up include the current world, UK and European Long Drive champion, including Hertfordshire’s Joe Miller, the reigning World Long Drive Champion. The event, which will be hosted by Di Dougherty and Sarah Stirk, will be live streamed across the world.

Miller said: “I am really excited to be competing in Dubai in the first Long Drive World Series; an amazing location with an elite field of proven winners from around the world. It’s going to be an exciting event and hopefully I can reign in the desert.”

The new format boasts an Open wild card place at every event, an early exit for one person at the seeding round, and the prospect of sudden-death knockouts in every round. While each event has a significant prize fund, the ultimate aim is to win the entire World Series with league points being allocated according to where the players place at each of the four events.

Lucas Dornan, UK Long Drive Champion, is excited to see the reaction to this inaugural event. “This event promises to inject some real glamour into the sport that I love and I am very proud to be lining up alongside these players – they really are the cream of the crop,” he said. “We will we push each other to our limits and in the right conditions, I expect to see drives well in excess of 400 yards across the board.”

After Dubai, the World Long Drive Series will arrive in the UK. The world’s biggest hitters then travel to Asia and finally on to the USA to complete the first World Series. To follow all the action, visit

The 2017 Long Drive World Series line up is:

  • Joe Miller (GB): Current and Two times World Long Drive Champion
  • Tim Burke (US): Two times World Long Drive Champion
  • Maurice Allen (US): Two times European Long Drive Champion
  • Lucas Dornan (GB): 2016 UK Long Drive Champion
  • Ryan Sternberg (US): Runner up at the 2016 World Long Drive Championship
  • Brad Permian (GB): 2016 Italian Long Drive Open winner
  • Ilija Djurdjevic (Serbia): 2016 Portuguese Long Drive Champion
  • Emil Rosberg (Sweden): 2016 Scandinavian Long Drive Champion


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