Thursday, April 27, 2017


Ryder Cup player Chris Wood returned to his native West Country earlier this month to open a new fitting centre at Burnham and Berrow Golf Club run by his equipment sponsor, Mizuno.

It is the Japanese-owned brand’s 14 such venue in the UK & Ireland, and underlines the company’s commitment to ensure every golfer can reap the maximum performance benefits from its range of clubs.

All 14 Mizuno Performance Centres – which also include Gleneagles, Celtic Manor, Royal Birkdale and Woburn – feature an indoor/outdoor fitting suite and launch monitor technology, plus at least two PGA Pro qualified fitters who will identify optimum clubs using Mizuno’s market-leading swing DNA fitting software.

Last year saw the first major overhaul of the software that drives Mizuno Swing DNA since its introduction in 2009. Based on five years of studying Swing DNA and individual shaft characteristics, the rebuilt software adds a level of accuracy and transparency. The software now features an EI shaft profiling that allows fitters to pinpoint recommendations with even greater accuracy. Testers can now see every available shaft prioritised and ranked in order of suitability for their swing, based on how close each shaft performs relative to the EI curve. The previous version used a more basic algorithm to display just the three best-matched shafts.

Each Performance Centre carries a full Mizuno fitting cart, with 68 different shaft options, plus an extended wood and wedge fitting pack and premium Mizuno balls for indoor fittings. There is no obligation to buy, and golfers will leave with a full set of prescribed club specifications. All equipment is assembled at Mizuno’s club-building facility in Scotland and delivered within seven working days.

Visitors to the Performance Centre at Burnham & Berrow will be able to test out the brand’s very latest irons and woods, including the JPX900 Series irons. The series comprises three new models – JPX900 Tour, JPX900 Forged and JPX900 Hot Metal.

To get in contact with the Mizuno Performance Centre at Burnham & Berrow, email or call 01278 785760.



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